Wealthy Affiliate – My Honest Review From The Inside

I want to be upfront and tell you that I have not been a long time user of Wealthy Affiliate. After having spent a lot of money on affiliate marketing training and software I have become cynical. It feels like Internet Marketers are only interested in taking money from other Internet Marketers.

There is a lot of hope though because there are honest, ethical programs worth there value. That is why I like Wealthy Affiliate which you can try out completely free for 7 days. That really is a great opportunity to get your feet wet with the program.

I am not hear though to just promote Wealth Affiliate I want to give you the facts about what I have seen from the inside as a premium member. You too can check it out from the inside with the free offer. It requires no credit card which is attractive.

A large majority of the affiliate marketing programs require you credit card for an introductory offer. They might use a promotion, such as saying you can try it for $1. If you forget to cancel your membership before the it comes up for renewal before you know it you will have a $29 or more charge on your card.

My Story Signing Up For Wealthy Affiliate

I have made countless attempts to make a fulltime living from Affiliate Marketing. I just feel like it is the ultimate job to have at home. I have always dreamed about working from home and being my own boss. This quest has caused me to lose a lot of money. I have purchased a lot of different software programs as well as affiliate marketing programs. This process did allow me to acquire a lot of knowledge.

I put my dream of affiliate marketing on the back burner and focused on my career in another field. As I was getting frustrated with my career I remembered my dream of an affiliate marketing business. I searched and found a website about affiliate marketing which lead me to a post by the author the Wealthy Affiliate website.

At first I was a bit confused about Wealthy Affiliate because there were blog posts by users directly on the site. I quickly learned that Wealthy Affiliate was based around a community of very satisfied users. So I signed up for the free 7 day trial offer.

As I looked around I thought Wealthy Affiliate was a legitimate site. The author of the website who had the Wealthy Affiliate link that I signed up through contacted me several times through the during my trial period.

At that point I put the brakes on because I was not sure if Wealthy Affiliate was a Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) business. The reason I felt that way was due to how friendly and helpful the person I signed up through was. That put up a red flag for me. I was also contacted by the owner Kyle as well. He came across a very nice and really wanting to help.

I learned quick enough though that Wealthy Affiliate is not an MLM business. They just have a very good Affiliate Program that offers very nice commisions for getting people to sign up. I also discovered the messages I was getting were automated and setup though the Affiliate Program software.

But, I must say when I responded to the automated messages I got responses from real people. I thought that was cool and showed that Wealthy Affiliate is really community based.

So What Happens When You Sign Up For Wealthy Affiliate?

As I previously mentioned when you sign up for Wealthy Affiliate you will get automated welcome messages from your (sponsor) as well as from one of the owners. It is a nice touch and made me feel pretty good about signing up for the trial offer.

After you sign up you will be presented a dashboard full of information. It can be a bit overwhelming. Shown below is a screenshot of the Wealthy Affiliate Activity Dashboard. This is for the Premium Membership but the free trial looks very similar.

Wealthy Affiliate Dashboard


Right away when I signed up for the free trial I noticed there was strong encouragement to sign up for the Premium Membership. The way in which you are encourage to sign up for the $19.95 a month premium membership is via a countdown clock in the upper right corner of your screen. As you see below I let mine get down until the very last hours.

The lead to get you to sign up for the premium membership in is getting the first month for $19.95 and then it becomes $47 a month thereafter. I was not sure I wanted a monthly commitment and $47 a month seemed like a lot of money to me.

I was enticed though by how big the support community is. This really made a difference to me. Make no mistake the training is great and another big factor for me. The support community though is so interactive though. There is a lot of communication among the users and many of them have been around for years.

How The Community At Wealthy Affiliate Changed My Mind

On Wealthy Affiliate there is really a sense that everyone wants you to succeed. The owners Kyle and Carson keep the community friendly and they encourage everyone to help each other. That is not something you will see too often in other affiliate marketing programs.

The 7 day free membership really gives you a glimpse into the community. The community consists of a community forum, live chat, comments, blogs and user submitted training.

The community forum has a friendly atmosphere where you can ask questions and get relevant answers from other Wealthy Affiliate members. For example lets say you get stuck on how to install a WordPress theme. You can post a question and someone will help you out soon.  place where you can asks questions and get valuable feedback from other members. You will find the members in the forum very helpful.   Wealthy Affiliate Community Forum

I never found an affiliate marketing program with such a positive, helpful community forum. You can see from the screenshot that the question about changing themes in WordPress was answered with a relevant answer. What is not shown on the screenshot is all of the other comments below the one from Funandeasy.

You will also see the Like This button which will give a popularity ranking to helpful questions and answers. It is much like what you will find with a Facebook Like button.

Another support feature you will find is Live Chat. If you like getting answers to questions in real time this is the feature for you. In all honesty I don’t use Live Chat because I feel like it can consume a lot of time when I should be writing content. But, if you like chat-rooms it is an option to investigate during your 7 day free trial. Wealthy Affiliate Live Chat










One parts of the community that I really like is the ability to write blog posts. Within your Wealthy Affiliate profile you will be given blog. From my experience using Wealthy Affiliate the blog posts by members really give the ability to express thoughts. For example, a member might be giving a progress report on how their website is coming along.

What is really inspiring is to read blog posts about those who have had great success on Wealthy Affiliate. I have found the success stories give me motivation to keep pressing on.

The last community support feature I am going to talk about is user submitted training. Many of the members submit their own training. This is very valuable asset because members will expand upon what is being taught in the official Wealthy Affiliate training.

wealthy affiliate training

Wealthy Affiliate Member Training

Wealthy Affiliate Positives vs Negatives

In a perfect world Wealthy Affiliate would not have any negatives at all. Of course this is the real world and I want you to know what to keep on your mind before signing up for Wealthy Affiliate.

I still feel like it is a great service even with the negatives but it is truly your decision to decide. So lets start off with a list of negatives and then go into more detail with each one.

  1. $47 per month premium membership after initial $19 per month
  2. Almost too much information leading to a sense of being overwhelmed
  3. Too many email notifications again leading to distraction
  4. Internal pressure from not completing all the tasks in a training lesson
  5. Desire to achieve a higher ranking on Wealth Affiliate profile

To Be Continued……….